Our Artisans

Based in Rajasthan

Our artisans are based in Rajasthan, India, just west of New Delhi, where they have learned leatherworking since childhood and continue to refine their skills all through their adult years. They possess very little resources and their traditional leatherwork, an art which has been passed on through generations for over 300 years, serves as their primary source of income.

Showcasing the Value of Handmade Goods

The fast fashion industry and Chinese factories have fueled the world's rapidly growing demand for easily accessible goods. This has caused the appreciation and perceived value of these handmade products to gradually diminish and threatens to render the artisans' work obsolete in the future.

Working Closely With Our Artisans

At Mauji, we have been working closely with artisans under a variety of banners for over 15 years now. We undertook the challenge to support them and their art while also introducing the world to these beautiful products. We hope that you will appreciate the work of these artisans as much as we do and thank you for giving our artisans the opportunity to earn a fair living by practicing their craft.